The international State of Agile HR

Organizing agile is becoming more common in various disciplines all around the world. Inspired by the annual State of Agile and State of Agile Marketing reports, this research will provide insights into the biggest developments and challenges for Agile HR worldwide. It includes findings on the flexibility of HR departments, people and organizations now and in the future.

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About Agile HR

The fact that more and more organizations want to become agile has led to a substantial renewal of what we traditionally conceive as HR and is called: Agile HR. Agile HR acts on four levels: the organization, HR department, self-organizing teams and HR instruments. It was initiated when an international group of HR experts, including Organize Agile, published the Agile Manifesto for Agile HR development. It provides guiding principles for the role of HR in an agile organization.

The new role of HR in agile organizations


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About Organize Agile

Organize Agile is an international team of coaches and consultants who believe that everyone can be a changemaker, stable teams are the engine of innovation and the future belongs to flexible organizations. This is why we help business and government to organize agile. We are based in New York and the Netherlands and are the authors of the book ‘Agile HR’ (2017). Our trainings in the Netherlands are provided by Scrum Company. Participate the discussion by joining our Agile HR Linkedin community

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